The Concealed Carry Purse: Reasons Why You May Wish To Avoid It

The Concealed Carry Purse: Reasons Why You May Wish To Avoid It

When deciding how you want to carry your weapon in public, you have a choice of two options. The first of these is open carry. Carrying your gun openly is less common than the other option due to both state regulation and personal preference. Some people are uncomfortable with their gun being visible to all.

If you do not want to carry your weapon where it is visible to all, you have the choice of concealed carry, which is precisely what it sounds like. Concealed carry of weapons (or CCW) is technically possible in every state in the US, but there are a few states that make it impossible to concealed carry in person.

Concealed carry purse.

When you decide to carry your weapon concealed in public, you have a choice of methods. The most popular method for carrying a concealed weapon is using a holster which is designed specifically for use with firearms which are hidden in your clothing.

While CCW holsters are an excellent choice, there have long been attempts to introduce other methods of carrying concealed guns. One of these methods is the concealed carry purse. Today, we are going to be going over some of the reasons why the concealed carry purse is a poor choice.

What Is A Concealed Carry Purse?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, we should make sure that all of our readers understand what we are talking about. Since you may have never heard of a concealed carry purse, we will briefly go over them. A concealed carry purse is exactly what you would expect from reading the name.

A concealed carry purse (also referred to as a concealed carry purse holster) is a purse which is equipped with a spot where you can holster your concealed carry firearm. There are many different types of concealed carry purses which are meant for customers of different tastes.

If you would prefer a purse which resembles a designer model, you can invest in a leather concealed carry purse which looks exactly like a regular purse. The point of a concealed carry purse is to be as indistinguishable as possible from a standard purse (hence the use of the term "concealed").

While a concealed carry purse may seem like an innovative idea, especially considering the tightness of women’s clothing, it does not pan out too well in practice. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a gun carry purse may not be the best way to carry your gun.

Why You Should Not Carry A Gun In Your Purse

There are several reasons why you may not wish to carry your gun in your purse, and most of them are worth considering. It has long been known that a weapon which is carried further away from your person will be easier to lose, which is why concealed carry in vehicles is frowned upon by much of the gun community.

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Stolen guns are one of the primary sources of black market firearms. When you lose a gun, you are indirectly contributing to street crime if it falls into the hands of someone who will end up selling it. While holstered guns can technically be stolen, it is far harder since the weapon is on your person.

The last thing you would want is someone else getting hurt because of a gun that you lost or one which was stolen from you.

Keeping your gun in your purse means that you will have to hold onto your purse as if your life depends on it (the lives of others may end up depending on it). Unfortunately, the prevalence of purse-snatchers means that your gun may end up in the hands of an enterprising criminal.

Finding a gun in a purse for a thief is like winning the lottery. Keep in mind that many criminals are not stupid, some will be able to recognize concealed carry purses and target those who have them in specific. While snatching an armed woman's purse is a dangerous proposition, it can make for a significant payday.

Having your purse stolen is not the only possible issue with using a concealed carry purse. It is possible that you simply forget your purse somewhere. While this may not seem likely with a firearm in your purse, it can sometimes be easy to forget that you have it, especially after using one of these purses for a long time.

Safety Concerns When Using A Concealed Carry Purse

Your gun isn't the only reason why you shouldn't use a concealed carry purse. One of these purses can end up posing a hazard to your safety. While holsters are exclusively used to carry your weapon, purses are used for many other things, and it is not guaranteed that your gun will not be affected by other things in your purse.

Holsters are painstakingly engineered to ensure that they can't accidentally pull the trigger of your gun, disengage its safety, or snag the hammer. If any of these things occur, your gun may end up discharging by accident, and one of these things is much more likely to happen in a concealed carry purse.

All it takes is one item bumping into your gun, and your gun can go off. When it comes to firearms, one mistake can change your life. As a gun owner (and especially as one who carries their weapon concealed) you will want to minimize the possibility of any accidents.

Concealed carry holster in purse.

Gun in purse carry does not only present a danger to you, but it can be dangerous for everyone around you. Since your gun is in your purse, it may end up pointing at you or anyone around you if it is accidentally shifted around.


As you can see, concealed carry purses are not worth the risk of accidental discharge. We would recommend opting for a concealed carry holster to ensure that you carry your weapon as safely as possible.

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