The Brave Response Holster: A Holster To Change The Industry

The Brave Response Holster: A Holster To Change The Industry

A gun holster is one of the most important accessories that you can choose to invest in as a gun owner. Of course, they double in importance when you decide to carry your weapon in public. While open carry holsters have more variety and a little bit of extra freedom when it comes to their design, CCW holsters are a different matter.

Holsters which are designed for use by those who choose to carry their weapons concealed tend to be much smaller than other holster types since they have to fit underneath clothing. Choosing the right concealed carry holster is an important consideration for a number of reasons.

Before we get to our review of the Brave Response holster, we will go over some of the reasons why it is important to get the best possible concealed carry holster. Feel free to skip ahead to our Brave Response holster review if you would rather immediately find out why this is one of the most impressive holsters we have seen.

Why You Should Choose Your Gun Holster Carefully

You may be wondering why you should take so much care in your search for the best-concealed carry holster. There are many reasons why finding the best gun holster can improve your CCW experience by a relatively large margin. Concealed carry holsters are often more difficult to buy than open carry models.

Since you will have to fit the holster under your clothes, you will want to opt for a model which is as slim and light as possible.

You can find a concealed carry holster with a range of different features, but it will be useless if it can't fit under your clothes comfortably. There are few things worse than an uncomfortable gun holster.

When you have to deal with persistent discomfort while wearing your gun holster, you will find it less and less appealing to carry your weapon concealed day after day.

One day, you may end up deciding to give up on concealed carry because you are tired of dealing with irritation and discomfort caused by your holster.

Woman with a gun holster.

You should not have to make a compromise between your safety and your comfort so you will want to find the most comfortable concealed carry holster possible. It can often be challenging to find the ideal gun holster for your needs, especially when buying online since you can't try them on.

Should you choose to buy your gun holster in person, you will have to deal with a diminished selection compared to the number of holsters that are available online. If you choose to buy your holster online, you will have to trust sizing charts and reviews when it comes to the aspect of comfort.

There is another reason why you should be careful when choosing the ideal holster for your needs. It is possible that you may end up trusting your concealed carry holster with your life so you will want to ensure that you purchase a product which is as reliable as possible.

The last thing you want is for your concealed carry holster to fail on you when you need it most, potentially getting you injured. If you invest in a reliable holster, you will be able to rest assured that you have access to your gun when you need it most (in addition to comfort throughout the day).

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Gun Holster

Choosing the best gun holster is a matter of taking a look at the things you want out of your concealed carry experience and finding a model which can make those preferences come true. Let’s move on to a list of features that are important to consider when choosing the best iwb holster.


When deciding on the best gun holster, you will want to account for the quality of its construction. Quality is integral in any product, but gun holsters see a lot of different stresses over the course of a regular day, so you will want to ensure that your chosen model is capable of enduring those stresses.

For example, a gun holster will have to deal with the straps being stretched as you move throughout the day and the whole holster will have to support the weight of your pistol. Sliding your gun in and out of your holster day after day will also tend to take its toll on the material that the holster is made out of.

The quality of your concealed carry holster will depend on the price for which you purchase it combined with the material that it is made of. While some may view synthetics as a cheap choice of material for a holster, they tend to be some of the lightest and most durable fabrics that can be used for the application.


As we have previously mentioned, you will want your concealed carry holster to be as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable you are while carrying your gun, the more often you will do it. You will want to make a habit of carrying your concealed carry weapon often to get accustomed to it.

Man with a shoulder holster.

When you are used to carrying your gun concealed, you will find it easier to account for it while moving. After a few months of concealed carry experience, you will feel like it isn’t even there. Investing in a concealed carry holster which is already comfortable will speed up this process by a significant amount.

In addition to making it easier to train your concealed carry skills, a more comfortable gun holster will be less likely to cause rashes and irritations. If you have sensitive skin, you will want to ensure that you get a comfortable holster that will not rub up against your skin and cause any sort of issue.


Of course, with a concealed carry holster, you will also have to account for how easy it is to conceal. A holster which is slim and light will not be difficult to conceal, but it may have disadvantages in other areas. Some of the best gun holsters will balance concealment with comfort and other aspects.

The extent to which you can conceal your holster will depend on where you choose to wear it. Different holster types will be easier or harder for you to keep concealed under your clothes. You will also want to consider the weather where you live as that will change what type of clothes you wear to conceal your gun.

After accounting for your clothes, you should consider the different locations on your body where you can position your holster and then opt for the most comfortable place to conceal your gun. You may wish to invest in various holsters for different sizes of guns and different seasons (which means different clothing).


Adaptability is also referred to as versatility, and it references the different ways in which you can use your concealed carry holster. For example, some CCW holsters can also be used as open carry holsters, should the need arise. Other holsters can be used in a variety of different positions so they can work with different outfits.

For example, a belt holster will give you the choice of positioning your gun in the front of your pants, on the side, or in the rear. Depending on your drawing preferences and the clothes that you are wearing on that particular day, you can choose the ideal position on your belt for your gun.

A holster which is adaptable is also one which can accommodate different types of guns with ease. Some of the best holsters (including the brave response holster) can accommodate many different types of handguns. The guns which can be used with some holsters range from compact models all the way up to full-frame semi-auto pistols like the 1911.


The best-concealed carry holster will also be the safest. As everyone knows, the most important part of owning or even holding a gun is safety. A gun is still something which is designed to kill, and it can readily do so in hands which are not prepared. If you are not comfortable with your gun, you should not be carrying it.

Woman with gun holster.

If you feel comfortable carrying your gun concealed, you will want to opt for a concealed carry holster which comes equipped with enough safety features to prevent potential accidents. Some safety features which can be included in CC holsters are meant to prevent your gun from being grabbed or stolen by another person.

For example, some holsters will have a cover or a strap over the weapon. The most important safety features will prevent the trigger from being moved when the pistol is being pulled out of the holster. Other features will ensure that the safety on your gun is always engaged while it is in the holster.

Ease Of Access And Reholstering

Of course, when purchasing a holster, you will want to make sure that you can get your gun as soon as you need it. In the event of an emergency, you will not have the luxury of undoing five different buttons and straps to get to your gun, so you will want it to be relatively secure but still accessible.

While practicing your draw technique can help you ensure that you will be able to access your gun quickly, the type of holster will dictate how smoothly that drawing process can be accomplished. You will also want to consider how easy it is for you to put your gun back into your holster after it has been drawn.

A holster which wastes your time when you want to access your weapon does not only inconvenience you but it also potentially endangers your life. Having immediate access to your gun in a life or death situation is the main reason that you would choose to carry your gun concealed in the first place.

Our Recommendation

Best Concealed Holster - Brave Response Holster

You may have seen other reviews of Brave Response holster, but today, we will be going in-depth and examining why this is one of the most revolutionary holster models we have seen in a while. Before we take a look at some of the reasons why this is such an excellent holster, we will go over where you can get it.

Where To Buy Brave Response Holster

If you are looking for a Brave Response holster for sale, you don’t have to look far to order it. You can order the Brave Response holster from this product’s official Clickbank page. The ability to purchase this holster directly from the maker means that you won’t have to worry about potential knock-offs.

Brave Response Holster.

You can order this model online whenever you please, and it will be shipped from the United States to your address. As with any other online purchase, the amount of time it takes for this holster to arrive will vary based on how far away you are situated from the vendor and the type of shipping you opt for.

One Of The Most Versatile Holsters Around

We would argue that versatility is the best part of the Brave Response holster since it can be used with almost any model of semi-auto pistol. Most single-size holster models have difficulty keeping your gun positioned properly while you wear it but the Brave Response provides unprecedented support.

If you own several guns that you use for concealed carry and you would rather not get used to the fit of different holster types, the Brave Response will probably be your best option. Since it comes with a waist band, you don't even have to be wearing a belt for this holster to fit properly.

This holster has been tested to fit guns from all of the leading handgun manufacturers including Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, CZ, H&K, Walther, Springfield, Ruger, Colt, and so much more. Even 1911s, which are known for a relatively large frame will have little trouble fitting into this holster.

Unlike many other holsters which are primarily designed for use with semi-auto pistols, the Brave Response will be compatible with certain compact revolvers. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer before placing your order to ensure that your chosen revolver will fit into the holster, however.

The Brave Response holster does not only hold your gun. You can also bring three extra magazines of ammo with you when you wear this holster since it comes equipped with mag pouches. This is an ideal feature for practicing your reloading drill since your magazines will be easy to access.

You can position this holster in any direction so you can draw your weapon however you please. If you are sitting down, you can move the holster so that your gun is in a comfortable enough spot. A traditional belt holster is at a disadvantage when it comes to adjustment while being worn since you would have to take off your entire belt.


The price of this holster is a little higher than what you would expect from other models, but we would argue that it is worth it. This holster retails from the manufacturer directly at a price of 70 dollars plus shipping and handling fees that are based on where you are located, as you would expect.

Brave Response Holster.

The Brave Response holster also comes with a manufacturer's warranty that will cover any defects that have been caused by the factory. If you are looking for a concealed carry holster that you can be sure will provide you excellent service for a long time, the Brave Response holster is an exceptional option.

For the price, you get quite a bit out of this holster. Merely being compatible with so many different types of guns makes this holster more than worth the price, especially if you will use each of those guns. Since you will not have to invest in multiple holsters, this model may end up saving you money.


As with any other concealed carry holster, comfort is one of the most important features. Feeling comfortable with your holster means that you will wear it more often and we can see ourselves wearing the Brave Response holster every day. This exceptional comfort is due to the excellent degree of adjustability.

This holster comes available in either left- or right-handed models so you can use it regardless of your hand dominance, unlike so many other specialized concealed carry holsters. The material that this holster is made out of is soft enough not to irritate your skin at the point of contact, especially on the waistband.

Due to the waistband design, you don’t have to worry about your holster being loose or tight around you since you can adjust it to the optimal length. The holster can be adjusted up to a waist size of 54 inches so almost everyone will be able to use the Brave Response, regardless of their size.

You can also choose how high or low you wear this holster in your pants thanks to the waistband, unlike a traditional belt holster. For example, if you are wearing tighter jeans, you can wear the holster relatively high up, but you can lower it if you are going to be wearing something loose like sweatpants.

The simple nature of this holster makes it so much easier to slip on before heading out than other holster types. Instead of having to do up multiple straps and buttons, you can instead just slide this holster around your waist, put your gun into it, and you will be ready to head out of the house.

One of the most annoying issues to deal with while wearing a concealed carry holster is your pants sagging under the weight of a gun. This is a typical issue when you are wearing a non-belted holster that uses your pants for support. This is why it is hard to wear a holster with shorts or other comfortable pants.

Since the Brave Response holster uses a waistband, you don't have to deal with any sagging, and you can wear any pants that you please. You no longer have to think about what you are going to wear if you intend on carrying your weapon which will greatly increase your chances of using it every day.

The worst scenario for any gun owner is the eventuality that they may end up in an emergency on a day when they neglected to bring their gun. If you start making it a habit of carrying your gun with you every day, you won't have to worry about being left without it when you need it most.

Build Quality

This concealed carry holster is meant to be as reliable as possible, and the build quality is intended to ensure that. You will be able to use this holster for months, if not years before you discover any damage that has been caused by daily use. While this holster may be pricey, it is one which will last.

Man with Brave Response Holster.

If you have a rough draw, this is the best holster for you as it is capable of withstanding repeated punishment. The design also ensures that you will not have to deal with any snags or other issues with your gun while you are drawing it out. Revolvers are a little more challenging to draw, however, and will require some care.


Since this holster has no rigid parts around your gun, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of the trigger being brushed or the hammer snagging while you draw it. Since this holster is not specifically designed for any particular gun, there are no features which engage your safety.


The Brave Response holster is one of the most innovative holster models on the market. If you want to ensure that you get the best for your money, few better choices come to mind. If you own multiple handguns and you would like to concealed carry more than one of them, we would recommend a Brave Response Holster.

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